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Futuristic - Restorative - Learner - Achiever - Strategic

I'm not just making these up. Find your strengths.


Written word

Not more important, more urgent



Kent State University alumnus.

Senior Developer at New Media Communications. Lead Developer for Bush for President (2000), Bloomberg for Mayor (2001), the Republican National Committee, and numerous other GOP candidates and organizations. Don't read too much into the politics.

Consultant at E-merging Technologies Group. Met my mentor, worked with great people, had a blast doing so. You can say they prepared me for what was next. Speaking of...



Founded BlueEye Systems (CEO). Co-Founded Horner Networks (CTO) and SendReceive (CTO). All bootstrapped. All profitable. Horner Networks and SendReceive are still in operation to this day.

Co-Founded Spent (CEO/CTO). Got accepted into the inaugural class of The Iron Yard accelerator. Raised an angel round. Rebranded as Relify and pivoted into the awesome world of machine learning. Unfortunately didn't survive. Learned. Got stronger.

Joined ChartSpan (CTO). Engineered an awesome vision. Worked with awesome people. Ran into an instance of incompatibility. Moved on.

Currently analyzing, data scienceing, and hacking as a part of the dream team that is Keen IO (Data Scientist). All your analytics are belong to us.



Java hacker since college. Lived too many years in the world of ASP, C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server. Escaped.

Fell in love with Ruby, Scala and Objective-C. Found my love of programming again.

Dove into the world of open source head first. Became obsessed with Lucene, OpenNLP, Solr, Hadoop and just about every other open source big data/search technology.

Got the itch to hack on some cryptographic libraries, OpenPGP and BouncyCastle in particular. Thanks Ed.

Quite fascinated by the future of the block chain.


Other stuff

Father to three awesome children. Youngest two are twins. All you parents of multiples know what I'm talking about. No, I don't need to say it.

Husband to the best wife a man could ask for. See above.

Perform ridiculous feats of endurance (keyword, ridiculous). Finished the American Triple-T three times. Finished countless other short/long distance events in between.

Rode across the country in 6 days, 18 hours and 33 minutes with seven other lunatics to raise money for Akron Children's Hospital. Slept for a week.

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio. Tortured by Cleveland sports franchises as far back as I can remember. Please guys, just one before I die.

Resident of the best kept secret in the South. Seriously, this place is awesome.


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